Many email servers will not allow anonymous or non-verified users to send email. They require the sender to be a verified, authorized user. Therefore these email servers need the user to enter a valid SMTP User Name and Password.

On both the Konica Minolta di2010-3510 and bizhub 200-350 series SMTP authorization is not a default choice to enter. However, you can change soft-switch 380 to allow SMTP Authentication.

For step by step how to turn this on both the bizhub 200-350 series AND di2010-3510 series:

At Copier -
Utility/Counter > Admin Management > Enter admin PW (12345678 - default for 200-350's, 00000000 default for 2010-3510's) > Enter > Admin. 2 > Software SW > Mode Selection > 380 > Hex Selection > enter 44 > Enter

Now you can go and set the SMTP authentication info

Network Settings > SMTP Settings > SMTP Server Address > Enter appropriate SMTP IP Address > Port > (Default is 25 - for most applications leave at 25) > Email Address Enter appropriate Email Return Address > Enter > SMTP User Name > enter appropriate SMTP account User Name > SMTP Authentication Password > Enter appropriate SMTP account password > Enter